Customer Project Autoclaim

 Only for Project manager addon 

Do you have many projects and you need to push your customers about it ? Project pusher will do it for you automatically. Scenario: Your project has two kinds of stages, on our side and on customer side. Lets imagine that you make custom development, and your customer hast test it and approve every stage so you can move to next stage, but your customer is very lazy and did not answer your tickets or emails.
If you have several proyects, you can track them every day using Project pusher.

So your project has stages = Mine, oncustomer1, Mine2, oncustomer3, mine4, and so on…

The hook will search dialy for all proyects that:

  1. stage = (Mine2, mine2, mine3.. and so on) defined by me in a list
  2. last modified proyect date = Today – (2,4,5..) days (modified by me)

and hook will dialy to all those projects:

  1. send email to the customer (as we have variables, we can say “hey, your project is frozen 4 days ago, and this is my 4th email about it, we will cancel the project, until you..” )
  2. store a log in the project, so we can know it was claimed.
  3. and finally …if “last modify date project” = X (for example a week ago) , create a new ticket in dept XX with details of project …