Block words for customer details – It Prevent Hackers

Check Client Details Hook for WHMCS to prevent hackers. It prevents when registration or update client details, to use blocked words like AES, tbladmin, php, … UPDATEABLE by admin Installation: A) Edit $fields to add…

Add Credit if use one Gateway

Do you know our module Paypal No fees ? Well this is the opposite. You give a discount (or add credit) if your customers selects one gateway you prefered. Installation: Edit the invoiceAddCredit.php file and…

Autoclose customers with fraud order

A simple WHMCS hook to automatically close accounts who are marked Inactive and only have fraudulent orders. If an account has order marked as Fraud but also has an order not marked as fraud, the…

Interspire Autosuscriber

This small hook will add your new customer from whmcs (registration) to your Interspire Email Marketer List, automatically when he registers. You can send additinal data like country, currency, so then you can select your…

Customer Project Autoclaim

Only for Project manager addon Do you have many projects and you need to push your customers about it ? Project pusher will do it for you automatically.

Autosuspend by country

It is designed to suspend packages ordered by users in certain countries, defined by an array. It works just after module is created, not related with payment or customer registration

Quote Booster

Automatize your quote reminders to your customer to reach more sales. A simple hook module that makes some action to improve automatization of quotes inside your whmcs.

Autoreply out of office

Automatically checks an array of your business hours and days, and compares them to the current time. If a customer has opened a ticket or replied to a ticket (optional) outside of your business hours,…

Mailchimp Suscriber for customer

Mailchimp for autosuscribe