Autosuspend by country

It is designed to suspend packages ordered by users in certain countries, defined by an array. It works just after module is created, not related with payment or customer registration

Autoreply out of office

Automatically checks an array of your business hours and days, and compares them to the current time. If a customer has opened a ticket or replied to a ticket (optional) outside of your business hours,…

Firefox ticket alert

Firefox addon which will display our ticket count in the lower left hand of FireFox.

Support Response Time

Know your stats. Response Time generates reports for how long it takes you on average to respond to a ticket. But it’s more than just that. The reports are detailed and allows you to go…

oAuth API

Designed for developers. Create easy access between your application and your WHMCS installation. Or give your clients access to your WHMCS API. This oAuth API is easily extendable with certain security measures in place to…

AntiFraud GeoFilter

Stop fraud orders. Used in conjunction with other fraud filters, GeoFilter will help you eliminate fraud. GeoFilter will check if the address your clients used in registration is real. That’s not all. You can also…

Mailchimp Suscriber for customer

Mailchimp for autosuscribe

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