Autoclose customers with fraud order

A simple WHMCS hook to automatically close accounts who are marked Inactive and only have fraudulent orders. If an account has order marked as Fraud but also has an order not marked as fraud, the…


A server module to interact with a freeradius server

Paypal Subscription Reminder

PayPal Subscription Reminder is an ADDON for WHMCS which automatically creates a ticket when a new customer cancellation is received. It does not have the actual functionality to check if there’s a valid Paypal Subscription,…


New gateway for mexican Now available for v6 version.     Recibe pagos en efectivo en tus aplicaciones Integra la red más grande de puntos de cobro para que tus clientes paguen por tus productos…

Interspire Autosuscriber

This small hook will add your new customer from whmcs (registration) to your Interspire Email Marketer List, automatically when he registers. You can send additinal data like country, currency, so then you can select your…

LiveHelperChat – Chat with OpenSource

This is addon for whmcs. This addon displays user profile in chat window. Information you will see in chat window: Client name, last name, credits, email, company name. Unpaid client invoices Client products (ex. domains, hosting)…

Email Responsive Template

Change your default email style turning into Responsive . 90 % of your customers checks emails in phones, tablets and other devices. Change your awful email style to a new responsive way.

Sentora Control Panel

A WHMCS module for the Sentora control Panel AND a Sentora module for WHMCS These modules allow WHMCS to create users, suspend, unsuspend, terminate, change password and change packages on Sentora

Open Source SMS Module

Supported SMS Gateways ClickAtell (Global) NetGsm (Turkey) UcuzSmsAl (Turkey) Mutlucell (Turkey) Dakik SMS (Turkey) (India) (Global, Russian) (Türkiye)


This module will reduce your 50 % support tickets !! It builds a Self Service Troubleshooter based in KB categories, with nice interface