Block words for customer details – It Prevent Hackers

Check Client Details Hook for WHMCS to prevent hackers. It prevents when registration or update client details, to use blocked words like AES, tbladmin, php, … UPDATEABLE by admin Installation: A) Edit $fields to add…

Autosuspend by country

It is designed to suspend packages ordered by users in certain countries, defined by an array. It works just after module is created, not related with payment or customer registration

Product limiter

Product Limiter is a addon module that gives you the ability to limit purchasing a product to specified times (adjustable).

Admin white list IP

This module will allow you to whitelist IP addresses for your admin area. This is helpful if you frequently have admins who forget their password and get their IP banned. Even more useful for companies…

AntiFraud GeoFilter

Stop fraud orders. Used in conjunction with other fraud filters, GeoFilter will help you eliminate fraud. GeoFilter will check if the address your clients used in registration is real. That’s not all. You can also…