Livezilla integration with whmcs

 What is

  • Installs on your Server and Domain
  • Flawless Integration, full control, no compromises
  • Respects customer’s (Data) Privacy
  • All data remains on your server
  • Perpetual Licensing
  • No Subscription, no running expenses

How to install this Free addon

* Log in to your WHMCS admin panel.
* Download the addon module and upload it in your WHMCS directory.
* Access the Addon Modules section from the drop-down Setup menu, find the LIVEZILLA addon on the list and Activate it.
* Check/uncheck the options to modify how the addon behaves


What includes PRO version

  • Do you want your user’s name displayed in their chat (requires WHMCS login)?
  • Hide from unregistered users?
  • Hide from registered users?

How to get the javascript id after I install it ?

To fill like this:

Follow this instructions:


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