MachForm to whmcs quote

This is a simple script that let you from any form, now tested machform,  that can form send results to http post, to create automatically a quote inside your whmcs.

It has no interface in your whmcs, it works in background with Whmcs API , its just a editable file that you can edit as you want.

How it works.

  • Your customer completes and sends any form.
  • All the values selected by your customer is send to formtoquote
  • formtoquote takes every value filled by your customer and builds a quote (you can configure every point)
  • if the quote is valid, it is send automatically to your customer.


Instructions to use:

  1. Download this script and upload formtoquote.php to any folder on any website
  2. In your form (marchform, gravity, …) point the http post to this file, for example
  3. Configure first 3 lines formtoquote.php
    1. $whmcsAdminURL = “YOURWHMCSINSTALLATION/includes/api.php”;
      $whmcsAdminUser = “USER”;
      $whmcsAdminPass = “ADMIN”;
  4. Configure in your whmcs admin
    1. In configuration >> Security >> Whitelisted IPs >> Add the server ip where is located formtoquote.php
    2. The user and admin must have API privileges in the ROLE.

Opensource, you can edit as you want.