Multiple Paypal Accounts – Multipaypal

Opensource Paypal Gateway

Its a simple gateway where you can add as many paypal accounts as you want.

All accounts will use same whmcs, so you need to configure IPN inside paypal for each account , pointing to the same whmcs.

This addon includes:

  • You can create as many paypal accounts you want, this script includes 4 paypal accounts to use , but it have no limit to add new ones.
  • You can add a different paypal fee ( % + fixed) for every account.
    • Example: you can create an account called : Paypal for Europe and fee = 0 ( does not charge fee)
    • you can create an account called : Paypal for Asia and add a charge fee of 4 %
  • Script is open source so you can edit as you want.
  • It includes IPN so payment will update automatically inside your whmcs, and uses whmcs offical ipn core, so it will be compatible with new whmcs releases