bitcoin with bitpay

When a client chooses the Bit-pay payment method, they will be presented with an invoice showing a button to pay the order. Upon requesting to pay their order, the system takes the client to a invoice page where the client is presented with bitcoin payment instructions. Once payment is received, a link is presented to the shopper that will return them to your website.
In your Admin control panel, you can see the information associated with each order made via Bit-pay (“Orders” > “Pending Orders”). This screen will tell you whether payment has been received by the bitpay servers.

Note: This extension does not provide a means of automatically pulling a current BTC exchange rate for presenting BTC prices to shoppers. If you want to have a BTC currency in your installation, you must update the exchange rate manually.

tailed step by step

  1. Check that you have set your Domain and WHMCS System URL under whmcs/admin > Setup > General Settings
  2. Create an API Key in your bitpay account at
  3. In the admin control panel, go to “Setup” > “Payment Gateways”, select “Bit-pay” in the list of modules and click Activate.
  4. Enter your API Key from step 1.
  5. Choose a transaction speed (refer to bitpay’s help section for more information about these choices).
  6. If you see the “Convert To For Processing” option, choose a currency that is accepted by Bit-pay (e.g. BTC/USD/CAD).
  7. If you see the option but such a currency does not appear here, or if don’t see the option and you are currently accepting a currency that is not accepted by Bit-pay:
    1. Click “Save Changes.”
    2. Create an accepted currency (e.g. USD/BTC/CAD) by going to “Setup” > “Currencies,” filling out the form and clicking “Add Currency”
    3. Return to “Setup” > “Payment Gateways” and choose this new currency for the “Convert To For Processing” setting.
  8. Click “Save Changes.”
note: You will have to update the conversion rate manually for BTC, so it's advisable here to choose 
your local currency over BTC since the BTC exchange rate update can be automated for your local currency.