CyberPanel WHMCS Module

Using WHMCS module for CyberPanel, you can sell or automate basic functions of CyberPanel for your customers. You can install this module by following WHMCS server module installation steps. FULL OPENSOURCE

Messenger Chat Fanpage for whmcs

This is a addon to chat with your customers using Facebook Messenger integrated with your FanPage, not your personal facebook account. Just upload and configure it No Apps in Facebook required Configure in 5 minutes….

Zopim – Zendesk Chat Integration

How to install this Free addon ? * Log in to your WHMCS admin panel. * Download the addon module and upload it in your WHMCS directory. * Access the Addon Modules section from the…

Livezilla integration with whmcs

 What is Installs on your Server and Domain Flawless Integration, full control, no compromises Respects customer’s (Data) Privacy All data remains on your server Perpetual Licensing No Subscription, no running expenses What includes PRO…

Whmcs to Mautic

Open Source Whmcs to Mautic script This is a simple hook where when a new customer or new contact is added to whmcs, it is added automatically as a contact (lead) into your Mautic ….

Factura Fiscal template tipo AFIP – Argentina

This is only for Argentina !!! Estimados: Esto no es un modulo, un plugin, ni genera facturas electrónicas. ES Simplemente un “switcher”  que cambia el diseño entre 3 plantillas para la cualquier versión de whmcs,…

Autodeploy Lets Encript in cpanel

The purpose of this hook is to automatically run AutoSSL on a cPanel user immediately after it is provisioned by WHMCS. Note that your cPanel server should have a valid certificate on port 2087, otherwise…

Annoucements to Telegram

This is a FREE simple hook that automatically sends your annoucement to your telegram group. If you need custom develpment like bot your customer in telegram when you reply a ticket or similar contact us.

BmtMicro Gateway

BMT Micro provides a shopping cart BMT Micro’s proprietary shopping cart system is versatile and robust. No need to purchase an expensive shopping cart system. Localization is handled automatically for your customer’s convenience. We can create custom…

MachForm to whmcs quote

This is a simple script that let you from any form, now tested machform,  that can form send results to http post, to create automatically a quote inside your whmcs. It has no interface in…

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