CyberPanel WHMCS Module

Using WHMCS module for CyberPanel, you can sell or automate basic functions of CyberPanel for your customers. You can install this module by following WHMCS server module installation steps. FULL OPENSOURCE

Whmcs to Mautic

Open Source Whmcs to Mautic script This is a simple hook where when a new customer or new contact is added to whmcs, it is added automatically as a contact (lead) into your Mautic ….

Autodeploy Lets Encript in cpanel

The purpose of this hook is to automatically run AutoSSL on a cPanel user immediately after it is provisioned by WHMCS. Note that your cPanel server should have a valid certificate on port 2087, otherwise…

MachForm to whmcs quote

This is a simple script that let you from any form, now tested machform,  that can form send results to http post, to create automatically a quote inside your whmcs. It has no interface in…

Gerencianet boleto gateway

Módulo de integração do sistema de pagamentos Gerencianet com o gerenciador financeiro WHMCS. Descrição Esse módulo utiliza a SDK oficial da Gerencianet e permite gerar Boletos Registrados via nova API. O retorno de dados é…

ISPConfig Control Panel

How to configure it: In your ISPConfig Hosting Control Panel Add a Remote User under System, Remote Users. Click Add new User and choose a username and password and tick all the options available on…

Installatron Automation for WHMCS

Automatic script installation during the order process This highly flexible method of integration works by providing a PHP file that is edited to provide instructions to WHMCS. As PHP file editing is required for this…


A server module to interact with a freeradius server

LiveHelperChat – Chat with OpenSource

This is addon for whmcs. This addon displays user profile in chat window. Information you will see in chat window: Client name, last name, credits, email, company name. Unpaid client invoices Client products (ex. domains, hosting)…


This module will reduce your 50 % support tickets !! It builds a Self Service Troubleshooter based in KB categories, with nice interface

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