This module will reduce your 50 % support tickets !!
It builds a Self Service Troubleshooter based in KB categories, with nice interface
If your receive tickets like “how can i configure outlook?” or your customer always ask the same questions, this will transform your knowledge database into a self service driven support system.
Nothing to install as it takes kb categories and build the troubleshooter. Just Upload

Test it here : its a troubleshooter based on KB categories with html description.

Remember that troubleshooter is based on your KB Categories (not articles) so you should add categories and subcategories as you would like to drive your customers .

If you use html in troubleshooter (in categories description), you should remove one tag in .tpl files to avoid showing categories description in your whmcs template, as whmcs does not support html in kb categories description, but troubleshooter handles fine.

inside /templates/templateyouuse/knowledgebasecat.tpl just remove {$kbcat.description} tag