Pushover Notification to Android and iPhone

Send WHMCS notifications using Pushover to Android and iPhone devices. Currently supports notification on new support ticket being opened and replies.


This is an addon module for WHMCS (whmcs.com) to send push notifications using the Pushover API.

Currently the only working feature is high priority notification for a new support ticket being opened. There are many other features and configurable options planned which are listed below.

This release is still in beta stages so use at your own risk. Tested working on WHMCS 5.2.1 and WHMCS 5.3.1 Beta.

Download latest release, and copy the entire modules directory to your root WHMCS installation.

Login to WHMCS Admin area, Setup >> Addon Modules, then activate “Pushover Notifications”. Once you activate the addon module, click on Configure, enter your user key from Pushover (pushover.net), select Access Control, click Save Changes, and profit!