UserEngage for whmcs

What’s UserEngage?

UserEngage makes it possible to see who is on your website and what the people are doing on your website. With all the collected data, it enables to create personalized messages and send them in an automated way.

With UserEngage you can:

  • understand your visitor behavior: collect all the data about every person visiting your website
  • engage customers: communicate with them in a real-time via UserEngage chat, email, SMS
  • automate all processes: send personalized messages with Actions

The platform has been created to solve the problem of using various engagement tools separately and merge the solutions into one application.


  1. Download master branch (or clone).
  2. Move it to root folder (that’s the one with your admin, assets, downloads, templates directories)
  3. Go to Setup -> Addon Modules -> UserEngage and click Activate
  4. To configure, go to Setup -> Addon Modules -> UserEngage -> Cofigure
  5. Enter your Api Key (which can be found here)
  6. Click Save Changes and you’re done!